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    An award-winning film Produced, Directed and Edited by Chico Dall’Igna

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The award-winning film AKONG: A Remarkable Life has been building on its own success and has been shown at over 50 venues so far since its release in March 2017. Almost half of the venues being cinemas with the other half including Community centres, Universities and film festivals throughout the world.

The film, with its universal human struggle story and message of compassion in action, has been well received by a wide variety of filmgoers, from Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike and it has sold out at the majority of the venues which have been shown.

To know more about upcoming screenings please go to the  film’s Facebook page AKONG: A Remarkable Life. There you will find a list of past and upcoming screenings in the UK and around the world. If you like the page you will receive daily updates.

Here is what people have been saying about the film.

“I thought the film was excellent – very informative and gave a real sense of the person and it remained interesting and engaging all the way through. I was impressed by the way large volume of material in different formats was handled and put together into a coherent whole – quite a tour de force. “ Peter Lockett

“I watched the film last night, and I am literally still feeling the impact this morning. What a beautiful, meaningful, inspiring gift you have created.” Laura Weiss – BAFF Buddhist Arts & Film Festival

“Congratulations to you and everyone involved! You’ve made a beautiful and important film.”   Sarah Poppitz – BAFF Buddhist Arts & Film Festival

“Dear Chico I must say the film is beautifully made, very informative and a true portrayal of Akong Rinpoche and his incredible life story. Thank you for making this film, I am sure it will have much benefit and help continue the legacy of Akong Rinpoche and all his work in helping fellow beings. Credit to you.” Tashi Mannox – Artist

“Hi Chico, I made it and thoroughly enjoyed it! It was a very thought-provoking, humbling film. Congratulations, you’re a very talented man.”   Peter Tague – Fashion Industry

“One of most inspiring stories that will make you feel humble. A great man with a big heart and energy to help others. The movie is a must-see, we have it screened at the Hive and it is really worth seeing!”  Azja London – The Hive

“This film follows me daily, I was lucky enough to see it while on retreat at Samye Ling, he really is a remarkable person.”  Jim Morrison

“I watched this film at Palpung Wales centre and it really is excellent. What a truly remarkable man!”   David Purse

“This film changed my life. I was lucky enough to know this amazingly compassionate being when living at Samyeling in the 70’s and then I saw this film whilst doing a retreat at Samye Ling this summer. A must see film.”  Joy Carol

“Thank you, Anne Francis, for bringing this powerful film to Norwich.”  Laurie Paradot

“Congratulation !!! Wonderful as well as inspiring film !!”  Nicolas Laborie – Photographer

“I was there. Gratitude to all who made this screening possible. Truly remarkable life and wonderful film.”    Joanna Skye

Feedback from people who watched at Dukes of Komedia cinema – Brighton

“Surprisingly good – thanks for screening this. Please screen more films like this in the future”.   Rating 5 out of 5

“I really enjoyed it his filming.”   Rating 5 out of 5

“Brilliant film about an exceptional human being. His violent death received very little media attention, so thank you for screening this important documentary. Hope you will be able to put on more films such as this.”    Rating 5 out of 5