Soul Immigrants at 299 The Venue

The Soul Immigrants played at 299 The Venue on friday the 14th November 2014.

It was a gig charged with energetic funk/soul music, and a great performance by the whole band.

Led by Emrys Baird (Guitar/Vocals), the Soul Immigrants introduced some new songs as well as

their old classic ones.

Featured imageFeatured imageFeatured image

Portrait of a Soulman

After a few months working on the project I am pleased to show my new short documentary film. The film shows an intimate portrait of Emrys Baird, lead singer and guitarist of The Soul Immigrants. I followed Emrys playing in three different venues on his own and with his Trio. While most of the songs on the film are cover, Emrys is also a brilliant musician and songwriter, so please check his website fto listen to some of his original songs.


The Soul Immigrants Trio

With an electrifying mix of cool soul guitar (Emrys Baird) ,  Hammond organ (Stu Ross) and  upbeat drums (David Bouet) The Soul Immigrants Trio captured the heart of the public present at The Loft on Saturday 10th May. Led by Emrys Baird the band unleashed a repertoire of killer classic soul songs  with a memorable performance by the group at this cool and cosy venue.

Photos by Chico Dall’Inha

Emrys      Emrys_Gig_CD_IMG_1965 small