Throughout my years living in London I have passed by the Westminster Abbey during the remembrance day almost every year. And although I had the wish to stop and visit the place where hundreds of people come to pay homage to the soldiers and people who died in the II World War and other wars, I actually never did it, for one reason or another.

So one day I decided that I should not only pay a visit, but I wanted also to make a film about it, even if a short one. Armed with my camera, tripod and other tools I spend an afternoon filming the site. It was an interesting day that reminded me the sorrows of the war, the pain we humans inflict to each other based on greed and ignorance, the sadness of the families who never saw again their loved ones return back home.

This film is an homage to the brave people who fought in the II World War but also a reflexion about war and its painful reality.

A reality that still haunts us all. We have had enough wars, more than ever we need peace. Understanding between people and different cultures is a must if we are to develop a more compassionate planet based on equality and respect for each other.