AKONG: A Remarkable Life

The award-winning film AKONG: A Remarkable Life has been building on its own success and has been screened at over 50 venues so far since its release in March 2017. Almost half of the venues being cinemas with the other half including Community centers, Universities, Buddhist centers, Societies and film festivals throughout the world.

With its own distinctive and unique approach to distribution, the film has been screened in four continents including Europe, Africa, Asia and North America.

The film, with its universal human struggle story and message of compassion in action, has been very well received by a wide variety of filmgoers, from Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike and It has sold out at the majority of the venues which have been shown.

The director Chico Dall’Inha and executive producer Vin Harris have been to some of the screenings giving support with a session of Q&A whenever possible.

Most recently the film AKONG; A Remarkable Life was screened at the BFFE Buddhist Film Festival Europe in Amsterdam on 30th September http://www.bffe.eu/program along with other great films. BFFE is a unique international platform for films with contemplative content, particularly documentaries, feature films and experimental works that are inspired or influenced by Buddhism.

To know more about upcoming screenings please go to the film’s Facebook page AKONG a remarkable life. There you will find a list of past and upcoming screenings in UK and around the world. If you like the page you will receive daily updates.